Banking and Finance Law


Banking and Finance Law

We have provided legal services and advised Lenders, Borrowers, Commercial Banks, Funds and Financial Institutions and acted as a third-party legal counsel to the Commercial Banks in Turkey.

We have heavily been involved in Project Finance, Banking & Finance Law and Foreign Trade; providing legal opinions to the foreign subsidiaries of the Commercial Banks and several departments of the Commercial Banks (i.e. Project Finance, Treasury, Financial Institutions, Foreign Transactions) and branches; drafting, negotiating and legal review of various types of the finance contracts (Syndications, Project Finance (Hydroelectric Power Plant, Wind Power Plant, Solar Power Plant, Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant, Geothermal Energy Plant, PPP, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Airports, Share Acquisitions, Subway, Murabaha Agreements, ) and the security documents thereof as well as due diligence works.

We acted as a third-party legal counsel to the Commercial Banks in Turkey for day-to-day banking law advice including providing accurate and timely legal consultancy to business side of the Banks and branches in a variety of legal topics, ensuring the legal policies are up to date and implemented across the business unit, examining legal precedents and new legislations having effect on Bank’s business activities, ensured compliance with competition law and regulations and worked coordinately with the Bank’s Competition Division, training on Business Ethics and Compliance, conducting investigations in alignment with management groups, legal support in the localization of global and regional Business Ethics and Compliance Policies and Procedures, Legal Support in the localization of FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations and working coordinately with the Bank’s Fraud Division, ensuring the necessary coordination between the Bank and Energy Authorities such as Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK), Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ) , Turkish Competition Board and Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency.

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