Turkish Citizenship by investment

turkish citizen ship by invest

Turkish Citizenship By investment & Law

Turkish Citizenship By Investment; Turkish subjectship and Turkish immigration law could be a system that regulates any matters involving citizenship of the individuals. it's potential to mention that the essential basis of the citizenship law is a national law. With relation to the immigration law, it is additionally stated national law. The thought of citizenship isn't a compulsory concept. This feature that comes with birth will modification upon the request of the individuals.

A citizen has duties to try and do and there are the laws certain by him/her at intervals the borders of the country, where he/she is. the essential plan suggests here is that the legal bond. Therefore, subjectship doesn't got to return by birth. It are often nonheritable later, or anyone could stop to be a citizen later as well.

it's potential to mention that the citizenship law is valid at intervals the borders of the country. each country has its specific pointers and laws. The citizenship rights are determined underneath these laws. Citizenship will be given to several people. it's possible to tell those that raise “How to get Turkish Citizenship?” is that each foreigner can acquire a Turkish citizenship, If they meet specific terms and conditions. the topic could be a general issue. It also helps the branch of international law. Immigrants are subject to those rights. everybody gathered underneath a flag is equal. Rights and laws add identical method for all citizens.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship

Questions related to the acquisition of Turkish citizenship are often in the foreground nowadays. The problem has become more apparent with the newly introduced systems. The acquisition of Turkish citizenship is subject to special conditions. These terms and conditions are set out below.

In the purchase of nationality via way of means of beginning, a child, whose parent is Turkish citizen, has received Turkish citizenship inside or out of doors the borders of Turkey. Another scenario is as follows: If the mom has a Turkish citizenship inner or out of doors the borders of Turkey, the daddy received a Turkish citizenship via way of means of beginning of the kid having the overseas nationality. The popular call of those conditions is defined via way of means of descent.

Turkish citizenship may be obtained via way of means of start or later. This state of affairs is split via way of means of regulation into precise phrases and situations. These situations and headings are found out via way of means of the choice of the ready authority, via way of means of the exercising of the proper of choice, via way of means of adoption and in an excellent manner. These headings are standard headings. There are sub-headings beneathneath the headings. The state of affairs isn't restricted to a few subjects.

Turkish Citizenship By investment

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turkish citizenship by investment

TURKISH CITIZENSHIP BY INVESTMENT: Requirements for Turkish citizenship by investment & Advantages

It is very, very easy to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment. In order to become a Turkish citizen with your family permanently in just 60 days, all you have to do is call this number +90 850 532 73 67 or reach Wiklundkurucuk via whatsapp or telegram We handle all your transactions related to Turkish Citizenship. For Turkish citizenship by investment All you have to do is call us. Call us quickly so you don't miss this opportunity.

Turkish citizenship by investment

What is required?

All it takes is $400,000 worth of investment and a call to us. +90 850 532 73 67


The money is still your money. You can make a profit at the end of 3 years or continue this profitable investment. Is it that simple? Yes, it's that simple. Before or after you become a Turkish citizen, you will feel the experience and team of Wiklundkurucuk at every stage.

How to Gain Turkish Citizenship by Investment? If you want, let's go in the form of Q&A.

Will I get citizenship only for myself with an investment of $400,000?

No, it includes all your family members. This includes your spouse and 5 children. To be more clear, when you invest $400,000 in real estate, your spouse and children become Turkish citizens based on this investment. Obtaining turkish citizenship by invest is the best way to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Do I need to come to Turkey or stay here?

No, we are making you a Turkish citizen through investment, before you even step foot in Turkey. After completing your transactions, we will inform you from the nearest Turkish consulate on which day and at what time you and your family will receive your ID and passport. The network of the Consulate General of the Republic of Turkey is very extensive. Turkish Consulates in 180 countries around the world are ready to serve you. For example, there are Turkish Consulate Generals in 15 cities of Germany.

When I acquire Turkish citizenship through investment, do I differ from other Turkish citizens?

There is no turning back after becoming a Turkish citizen. You have the same rights and laws as other Turkish citizens. You can benefit from all its services and facilities. You immediately receive your new ID and passport, and this applies to your entire family.

Will I be able to get my Turkish Passport and Turkish ID immediately and use it?

We complete the whole procedure in about 60 days from the start of the process. After your acceptance of Turkish citizenship, you can go with your family from any Turkish consulate and get your ID and passport.

What are the bureaucratic procedures and what will I need to do?

We complete all transactions for you with Wiklund's international expertise and 50 years of founding experience. If he asked you, we will know nothing more than a few signatures you will give from the consulate. We complete all the remaining official procedures for you. All you have to do is go and get your Turkish citizenship ID and passport from the consulate..

Do I need to know Turkish?

No, you don't need to know a single word of Turkish. This is the case for you and your family. but learning Turkish is a great benefit because Turkish is now a language spoken from many different geographies as a world and trade language. It is an active and well-established language spoken in a wide geography from western China to Bosnia. but you do not have to know Turkish to become a Turkish citizen by investment.

How long does this whole process take?

It usually takes 60 days to get a Turkish ID, you don't have to wait any longer for a passport, you get your ID and passport together. We will have bought your home in this 60-day period.

Will I get citizenship only for myself with an investment of $400,000?

No, it includes all your family members. This includes your spouse and 5 children. To be more clear, when you invest $400,000 in real estate, your spouse and children become Turkish citizens based on this investment. Obtaining Turkish citizenship 400.000 USDis the best way to acquire Turkish citizenship.

How do I choose my house, how long does the deed process take?

We show you the home options on video and let you visit live. Our expert team, which will complete the deed transactions on the same day, will provide you with the necessary service. Moreover, you do not have to choose just one house, you can invest in more than one house. For example, you can buy 2 houses for 100,000 dollars and 1 house for 50 thousand dollars. Our real estate team will offer you the best alternatives. If you want, we can host you with your family in your new homeland and offer you 1,000 alternatives to choose a house according to your heart.

Are all my family members included?

This includes your spouse and children. Another file needs to be opened for your parents and other relatives, in which an investment of 400,000 dollars should be opened.

Do I need to reside or live in Turkey?

We can speak clearly. You don't have to step foot in Turkey. You do not have to be or have been residing in Turkey before. You don't even have to come as a tourist. Even if you have never been to Turkey before. You can get Turkish citizenship with your family through investment.

Is having a second or third citizenship a barrier?

No, dual citizenship does not prevent you from being a Turkish citizen. 3. Or 4. Even if you are a citizen of a country, this does not prevent you from being a Turkish citizen.

Citizenship will be valid for the newly born children

Turkish citizenship is valid for your future children and grandchildren. When all these processes are completed, after you become a Turkish citizen after about 2 months, you will be fulfilling your responsibilities and duties while benefiting from all the benefits and opportunities of Turkish citizenship without any difference from other Turkish citizens.

In this context, usury, such as opening a bank account on your behalf, obtaining a tax number. We will be completing the request procedures. We are with you at every stage before or after you become a citizen.

So how do I rent my house?

If you are not going to sit. If you bought it for investment purposes, the Wiklund real estate team collects your rent for you and deposits it into your account on a daily basis.

How much return does real estate investment in Turkey provide?

A real estate investment of 100 TL made 3 years ago in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, will earn you 158 TL in 3 years. Of course, there is no rental income earned in the 3-year period in the calculation. 3-Year Rental income with monthly payments will make you smile. These ratios are 74% in Ankara, the capital of Turkey, and 87% in 3 years for İzmir, the third largest city. In short, the house you bought in Izmir for 100 TL 3 years ago is worth 187 lira today. While the whole world is in the process of virus and pandemic, such a performance is not bad at all. The data belongs to the owner of Turkey's largest real estate website.

turkish citizenship by investment house
What do you gain by becoming a Turkish citizen through investment?

Being a Turkish citizen through investment does not make any difference. You have all the rights that Turkish citizens have.

Well, what does being a Turkish citizen give you?

Educational opportunities for Turkish citizens

Turkey provides all its citizens with multilingual high-level education free of charge. While there are paid private universities in Turkey, there are state universities that provide quality and free education many times over. The number of students studying at public universities is 7 times more than those studying at private universities. The address of quality education is Turkish universities.

Turkish citizens benefiting from health services

The Turkish healthcare system is completely free. Even in very serious and costly diseases, all expenses are covered by the state. For example, if an American citizen gets cancer, no health insurance will cover these costs. The Turkish healthcare system offers this to its citizens absolutely free of charge. Or diseases that are extraordinary and need to spend millions of dollars are offered completely free of charge, heart surgery and brain surgery, under the roof of the Turkish health system. If you want, you can have these surgeries in a private hospital, and you will still receive service at no cost.

Turkish Pension system

Even if Turkish citizens are not subject to any type of retirement, they are considered retired over the age of 60. One way or another, they are provided with a pension. There are different insurance systems for civil servants, workers and employers. All of these are in the state trust. Optional retirement is offered by joining any of these or other than these. It is integrated with the healthcare system. You can take advantage of them by paying a premium. The retirement age is 55 – 60. If you die after you retire or before you retire, your sons will receive your pension throughout your spouse's education life. Your daughters, on the other hand, receive a monthly salary from the Turkish state throughout their lives. A monthly pension of 800 usd is possible for those who retire today, by paying a premium above the average for workers. These figures can be taken much higher for civil servants. Different calculation methods are available for employers.

Banking system

Turkey has a very strong banking system. One of the numerous opportunities it offers for Turkish citizens is deposit insurance. As long as your deposit in private or state banks is not very astronomical, it is under the guarantee of the state. It is possible to obtain Turkish citizenship through bank investment, but it is a problematic method. Turkish citizenship buy house is the best way to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Tax system for Turkish citizens

There is a very fair tax system. The tax collected is spread all over the world. Unlike in America, those who have wealth are not punished like criminals, there is no method of taxing more than those who earn too much. The shopping tax is called VAT. Values such as 3 - 18 - 5 - 1 are collected automatically, depending on the product type. The entire tax and invoice system has been moved to online transactions.

Passports offered for Turkish Citizens:

It is expressed in colors such as green, red, gray, burgundy. Without going into too much detail, a Turkish citizen can travel to the countries colored below, exempt from visa. Of course, a Turkish citizen to travel to another country or someone who acquired Turkish citizenship through investment. It is worth mentioning again that there is no difference. After becoming a Turkish citizen, all Turkish citizens are the same. And they have equal rights and obligations. He does not need a passport to travel to other countries. He can travel to many countries without a passport with only his ID. It allows easy application for E1 E2 EB5 visa. You become a citizen of a country that can access the European Union candidate Schengen area.

turkish citizenship by investment
Turkish view of foreigners

Turkish citizens have a very positive attitude towards foreigners. First of all, I would like to state that you are now an individual on the way to become a Turkish citizen. After you become a Turkish citizen, no one will look at you differently.But Turkish citizens have a very positive view of foreign nationals living in Turkey with different cultures. For example, 3.500.000 Syrians are hosted in Turkey. These are Syrian refugees. They are giving birth here. But these children cannot become Turkish citizens.Health, bar, eating and dressing needs are met by the Turkish state. While no state in Europe, America or Canada or Australia can tolerate even 1000 asylum seekers, the Turkish state and Turkish people are so loving and kind to embrace 3.5 million people. Again, a significant amount of Russian, Ukrainian and Moldovan population, as well as black African population, saw Turkey as a second homeland and settled. You will see it when you become a Turkish citizen through investment. You will be respected no matter how you dress. It doesn't matter how people in Turkish lands look, what language they speak, what they wear, what color their skin is.

Turkish citizenship by investment

Turkish name and history

The Turkish name, which has a history of 5000 years, is first mentioned in Mongolian and Chinese sources. The Turkish tribes, who came to Europe with migrations from Central Asia, established tens of empires and hundreds of states. The Republic of Turkey, which was founded on the legacy of the Ottoman Empire, ruled many related communities and a very wide geography. Turkish tribes who came to northern Europe with the first raids. Afterwards, he ruled India for centuries and established empires such as the Seljuk Ottomans in the last periods of history. Fascism in North Africa, Austria in Europe, and Russia in the north. He ruled in a geography extending as far as China in Asia. It is not a coincidence that Turkey's largest city is Istanbul, with many endings in "istan" such as Pakistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan Kazakhstan Tajikistan Afghanistan.

Security Police, Military, Ambulance, Fire Brigade

Turkey's largest city, Istanbul, is 20 times safer than New York. It is 15 times safer than Chicago. Turkish cities are among the 10 safest cities in the world. Police, fire brigade, ambulance are at your door in 3 minutes in the city, this time is 5 minutes outside the city. Turkey is a strong country with military bases in 7 countries of the world, which keeps half a million soldiers in barracks. It is NATO's second largest army. The police are respectful and smiling towards everyone.

Turkish justice system

Modern courthouses, fair judges and people-oriented reliable justice service has earned the respect of everyone for resolving both commercial and social life-related disputes. Courts that take quick decisions take decisions with the consent of both parties, which are solution-oriented. Reconciliation is usually achieved through state-appointed conciliation officers and mediators prior to the court process.

Turkish Economy

Turkey is the 13th largest economy in the world. It is not a one-sided growth economy. It has competitive companies and holdings with strong paid-in capitals in all sectors, and a young and dynamic economy that breaks export records all over the world. According to PPP, with its economy of 2.4 trillion dollars, Turkey draws its strength from its young population. Annual per capita income from gross national product. It is $28,500. It is one of the exceptional countries where establishing a company in one day, tax and all legislation takes place online and automatically. While the Netherlands has a foreign debt of 4.2 trillion and Ireland 2.8 trillion, Turkey has only 430 billion dollars of external debt.

what we do without you noticing.

Making the first application, foreigners branch, opening a file, applying for a residence permit, applying to the population directorate, obtaining a tax number, opening a bank account, making an expert examination, purchasing real estate, deed transactions, filling out the forms, submitting the documents for citizenship, following up the official newspaper records. We will do all of these for you on time and with superior success, without you noticing, adding them to the population, acceptance letter. All you have to do is get your ID and passport, there is wiklundkurucuk for all transactions.

Other methods for obtaining Turkish citizenship.

birth, marriage, company establishment, being an employer, bank investment, government bonds, none of these methods give as safe and certain results as real estate investment. The best, shortest and most affordable solution is turkish citizenship by invest. The most practical solution for this is to acquire Turkish citizenship through real estate investment. Obtaining turkish citizenship by invest is the best way to acquire Turkish citizenship.

Why Turkey why Turkish citizenship

It is a modern and Muslim country. People are friendly and respectful. It offers a very ideal environment for living and working. Different individuals desire Turkish citizenship for different reasons. And after becoming a Turkish citizen, they earn more than they expected. It will join the European Union in the near future. Turkey is an exceptional country where finance and money are as free as people are at the center of the world, where the four seasons, where the sea, the sun, as well as the snow and winter bring happiness, where all people live freely and are not judged by their clothes and lifestyles. Now it opens its doors to all humanity.

The Republic of Turkey always stands by the Turkish citizens.

When the civil war broke out in Libya, Turkey is the only country that evacuated 15 thousand Turkish citizens from the country without any problems. Being a citizen of the star of the future, which is growing day by day, respecting the rights of its citizens protecting its citizens, that is, being a Turkish citizen is a privilege that will add value to you. Let's explain with a few examples, when the corona virus first appeared in China, no one wanted to take their citizens from China, but Turkey evacuated its citizens with the planes they sent and brought them to Turkey. Let's assume that you get sick outside of Turkey and lack the necessary health facilities. The Turkish Ministry of Health brings you to Turkey with 25 ambulance planes suitable for long and uninterrupted flights for such situations. Tens of thousands of examples of this happen every day. When the Turkish citizen patient, who was left to die by doctors in the Netherlands, calls the consulate, he knows that he will be taken from the hospital by ambulance helicopter and brought to Turkey by ambulance plane, and he will receive the best health care. And the Turkish health system, which provides all these services, does not charge any fee from these patients. All these flights and treatments are offered completely free of charge by the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Not just against Turkish citizens. The Republic of Turkey, who rushes to the aid of all humanity and people, and its Encouraging guest Per ver people, extends a helping hand to any region of the world such as Syria, Libya, Palestine, Myanmar, Iraq, where cries for help arise. Turkey is the country that provides the most foreign aid in proportion to its income in the world. Turkey is the country that hosts the highest number of refugees in the world.

Last word

Wiklundkurucuk, with its 50 Years of Experience, opens the doors of Turkish citizenship through investment. All you have to do is call +90 850 532 73 67 or reach us via whatsapp or telegram, our expert team is ready to give accurate and clear answers to all your questions. Obtaining Obtaining Turkish citizenship real investment is the best way to acquire Turkish citizenship.

turkish citizenship by invest

Turkish Citizenship by investment

It is very easy to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment, just call us.


Successful Applicants for Turkish Citizenship

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Marriage

The acquisition of Turkish citizenship is delineate beneath several headings. one amongst these headings could be a Turkish citizenship nonheritable through marriage. The conditions needed to achieve this case and also the answer to the question “How is a Turkish citizenship gained?” are as follows:

Foreigners, who are married to any Turkish citizen, providing they keep married for a minimum of 3 years, will apply to amass Turkish citizenship.

People, who don't seem to be prosecuted for against the law or who are not in detention, can acquire Turkish citizenship if they apply. one amongst the vital matters to grasp is that these conditions don't seem to be sufficient. it's seen that the govt keep such persons, who apply for Turkish citizenship, subject to investigations and interviews in some cases. the choice is taken as a results of the evaluations.

The government determines any matters love whether or not such persons, who wish to be Turkish citizen, very sleep in a family or not, and so on once the procedures are completed, the result's determined. These results are generally quick and sometimes slow. However, if someone meets the conditions, this may offer faster results.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship by Investment

Although effort Turkish citizenship appears easy, the individuals, who wish to amass Turkish citizenship, are subject to several conditions. effort Turkish citizenship through investment consists of financial values. Such conditions are subject to new laws. These regulations and also the answer to the question “How could be a Turkish citizenship gained by investment?” are fixed below.

Foreigners, who invests with a capital of USD 500,000 because the lowest limit, and those, who purchased a true property USD 400,000 as the lowest limit of and undertook to not sell it among 3 years once purchase, and also the persons, who deposited USD 500,000 in any Turkish bank and ne'er withdrew such cash within three years, may acquire a Turkish citizenship.

Another condition is that the foreigners, who have a business with a capability of fifty employees because the lowest limit in Turkey, may acquire a Turkish citizenship.

You will contact U.S. for details.

Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship through Residence

Acquisition of Turkish citizenship through residence, that is one amongst the titles, is really a wide detected and applied method. though it's going to seem easy, there are bound conditions during this regard. If you're a national of any country and reside for five years in Turkey you'll be able to acquire Turkish citizenship. true to seem for regarding this subject is your written record record. it's doable to mention that your procedure won't be ended in cases wherever you will ne'er overcome the conditions obligatory by the National Security Council. the overall board of directors of Civil Registration and Citizenship Affairs provides services regarding this matter. form and requested documents are obtainable on the site.

Loss of Turkish Citizenship

Acquisition of Turkish nationalship is subject to explicit conditions. Likewise, the loss of Turkish citizenship is subject to particular conditions. Denaturalization or removal of the Turkish citizenship isn't a straightforward task. The conditions custom-made by the Laws for those, who wish to become a citizen of another country nevertheless Turkish citizenship, are as follows:

  • To have entered adolescence and also the power to discriminate;
  • To submit the documents proving that the person are a citizen of a far off state and purchased the citizenship of that country;
  • To be convicted of against the law type;
  • Not to be probe for military service or the other situation; and
  • No monetary criminal action has been given regarding him/her.

The individuals, who meet these conditions, will complete the appliance kind through the final board of Civil Registration. within the context of the services that we provide to accumulate Turkish votership, it's doable to mention as follows: the desired documents and procedures should be followed and it is necessary to fulfill the requirements. Otherwise, no action is taken. Applications must be complete.

Blue Card

Recently, one among the problems on the agenda is that the blue card. A Blue Card is issued to those, who become Turkish citizens by birth and lose their Turkish citizenship by getting a denationalisation permit, and show that they will enjoy bound rights upon their request. The blue card is a political candidate document. So, it's subject to certain procedures.

Within the scope of the services that we provide for deed Turkish citizenship, it is doable to supply the subsequent information: Blue card holders haven't any obligation to vote and signify election, to import vehicles and to perform military service. there's no charge for supplying the blue card document. solely a document fee is charged. it's possible to use this document as an identity card.

Parents, who need to issue this card with no termination date for his or her children, will acquire a document on behalf of the child, after they apply. The document has no expiry date, however renewal procedures are distributed because of reasons similar to loss. For this, it's spare to use to the civil registration offices to renew the blue card.

Service data

It isn't simple to achieve or lose Turkish citizenship. The conditions and laws that apply during this context are clear. General information regarding Turkish citizenship is as given above. The persons, who need to scan and to be told the solution of the question “What may be a Turkish subjectship gained?” by receiving an immediate legal recommendation or professional service and during this context, to eliminate any doable issues and to shorten the procedure, could contact us.

As we've got explicit earlier, being a Turkish citizen or ceasing to be a Turkish citizen is subject to specific conditions. If these conditions are performed and therefore the needed documents in this context are obtained with none problems and in an exceedingly complete manner, they supply any benefits each in terms of operation and time. The requests of those, who prepare their documents fully and accurately, to become a subject or to stop to be a citizen, are answered in an exceedingly shorter time, that provides the chance to avoid wasting time.


With the Presidential Decree numbered 106 printed within the Official Gazette dated 19.09.2018 and numbered 30540, changes were created relating to the Exceptional Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship.

Based on these regulations, investment amounts were rearranged for the acquisition of Turkish Citizenship and conveniences were provided for foreigners to use for Turkish Citizenship.


“a) quantity of fastened capital investment approved by Ministry of trade Associate in Nursingd Technology; a minimum of 500.000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or TRY

b) getting a true estate property in Turkey with a minimum worth of $400,000 such property shall even have an annotation of no-sale for at least 3 years at the relevant title registry; or purchase a real estate that features a property possession or a construction bondage on it, with a preliminary sale contract dead before a notary and at least $400,000 or amount of foreign currency or Turkish Liras has been paid before and such notarized preliminary sale contract ought to be recorded at the relevant title register with the enterprise to not assign or de-register the agreement for a amount of 3 years

c) variety of utilized people approved by Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services: a minimum of fifty employee

d) Deposit assets within the quantity of at least 500,000 North American country greenbacks or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent Turkish lira to banks operational in Turkey approved by the Banking regulative and superior Authority, given that they hold these assets in Turkey for 3 (3) years,

e) getting the govt. Debt Instruments in exchange of USD 500.000 or foreign currency or equivalent Turkish lira approved by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance providing that to stay this debt Instruments for a amount of a minimum of three (3) years,

f) getting the Turkish assets Participation funds in exchange of USD 500.000 or foreign currency or equivalent Turkish lira approved by the Capital Markets Board providing that to keep this funds for a amount of a minimum of 3 (3) years.”

Foreign nationals are entitled to Turkish Citizenship as a results of the regulation.

For investment amounts, the effective rate of exchange of the financial institution of the Republic of Turkey is employed and calculations are performed victimisation the cross-exchange rate.

c. WHO will APPLY WITH the most APPLICANT?

With the investment made, the applicant, the applicant’s spouse, kids below the age of eighteen or dependent children is eligible to use for Turkish citizenship.

Children over the age of eighteen of the most person cannot apply for Turkish citizenship at the side of the applicant.

In order for the main applicant’s kids over the age of 18 to accumulate Turkish Citizenship;

  • Making a brand new investment


  • she/he should reside in Turkey for 5-years with residence permit.


Required Documents for Turkish Citizenship Application are;

For Main Application;

  • Valid Passport
  • Biometric Photo
  • Birth Certificate

In its content, the mother’s name, father’s name, date of birth, place of birth, status ought to be clearly stated.

  • Marital standing Certificate

This document could be a wedding certificate if the person is married, a document indicating that she/he is single if she/he is single, and a document indicating that she/he is unmarried if she/he is divorced.

  • Power of Attorney

For the Applicant’s Spouse;

  • Valid Passport
  • Biometric Photo
  • Birth Certificate

In its content, the mother’s name, father’s name, date of birth, place of birth, status ought to be clearly stated.

  • Marital standing Certificate

This document could be a wedding certificate if the person is married, a document indicating that she/he is single if she/he is single, and a document indicating that she/he is unmarried if she/he is divorced.

  • Power of Attorney

For the applicant’s youngsters underneath the age of 18;

  • Valid Passport
  • Biometric Photo
  • Birth Certificate

In its content, the mother’s name, father’s name, date of birth, place of birth, status ought to be clearly stated.

  • If oldsters are divorced, deed of consent from mother/father for his or her common children to obtain Turkish Citizenship and wedding and divorce certificates of parents

All of those documents are main documents, if they're missing, the appliance can not be created.

All documents requested throughout the application method should be approved by the Ministry of foreign affairs of this country, then approved by the Turkish diplomatic building within the current country or have Apostille certification.

No transactions and applications is made with documents that don't have the approval of the Turkish diplomatic building or the Apostille certification.


All the processes of property acquisition, checking account opening, residence allow application and citizenship application are administrated by lawyers licensed by the most mortal and his partner with the facility of professional person.

With the power of attorney, bank account opening, real estate acquisition, residence permit application and Turkish citizenship application is created while not the requirement for the main applicant and his/her family to be in Turkey.

The content of the power of attorney to be issued has been fastidiously organized by lawyers. The draft ready by the lawyers is shipped to the applicant and his spouse. The aforementioned power of professional person should be signed by each the mortal and his spouse.

In order to method with power of attorney altogether Land register directorates in Turkey, the facility of attorney must be “statutory type of power of attorney”. the facility of attorney needed for property acquisition must bear the pic of the grantors.

This power of attorney ought to be issued in one amongst the subsequent 3 ways;

-May be issued in official offices among the border of Turkish Republic,

-may be issued in local official offices within the country you're presently located, ought to be Apostilled once taking the Ministry of Foreign Affairs approval,

-may be issued with a sworn translator from the Turkish diplomatic building of your country.

For purchasers who need to issue an influence of professional person through the Turkish Consulate, a sworn translator and diplomat appointment is formed by lawyers. Then, clients will visit the consulate on the appointment day and time and complete their transactions.


The method is started when the mandatory documents are received by the lawyers.

The very first thing to try and do is to create application to the Tax workplace for a possible Tax number on behalf of the most Applicant.

A Potential Tax number is required to finish the mandatory procedures for property acquisition and checking account opening.

Lawyers acquire a possible Tax range by creating application to the Tax workplace with their special authority within the power of attorney. The Potential Tax number is then shared with the most Applicant.



If the most human decides to create an investment in real estate, the investment he/she can make should be over $400,000 or equivalent in Turkish lira or foreign currency. Likewise, considering the regulation in question;

issued as follows” purchase a true estate with a minimum price of $400.000 or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent quantity of Turkish Liras and connected an annotation of no-sale for a minimum of 3 (3) years at the relevant title register; or a true estate that features a property possession or a construction bondage on it, with a preliminary sale contract dead before a functionary and a minimum of $400,000 or quantity of foreign currency or Turkish Liras is paid ahead and such notarized preliminary sale contract shall be recorded at the relevant title registry with the endeavor to not transfer or assign the agreement for a amount of 3 (3) years that's determined by the Ministry of setting and Urbanization;”

The different condition is to connect an associatenotation of no-sale for a minimum of 3 (3) years. For 3 years, the $64000 estate in question should stay registered on behalf of the most human, not be oversubscribed or transferred in any form.

The nature of the real estate in question is also residential, land, geographical point and similar.

In addition, the main applicant can purchase multiple real estate.

As an example; “the main applicant can buy 3 flats from completely different locations. The sales values, valuation reports and sales cost payments for the three apartments it's purchased must be over $ 400,000.”

Lawyers will do all assets transfer transactions with a special power of attorney.

Bank account gap procedures are completed by lawyers on behalf of the most applicant.


Citizens of foreign countries are subject to bound restrictions regulated within the relevant legislation within the method of getting real estate in Turkey.

In the acquisition of real estate by foreign voters in Turkey, 1st of all, the quantity of acreage of real estate is limited. in keeping with this regulation, the acquisition of thirty hectares (and no over sixty hectares by the choice of the Council of Ministers) of assets is allowed.

In addition, military prohibition and security zones also are closely monitored. it's controlled whether or not the world wherever a remote subject requests to accumulate a true estate is in military or security zones or not.

    • FOREIGN COUNTRY NATIONALS to accumulate assets among TURKEY

In particular, we should always note that each one voters of 183 countries approved by the presidency can acquire assets in Turkey.

There is not any revealed complete list of states might} acquire real estate. However, upon your intention to accumulate property, we have a tendency to may build inquiries from the relevant Land register Directorates.

In addition, the $64000 estate acquisition of Syrian voters are prohibited.


Real estate choice is one in every of the foremost important steps within the process. most in order that several locations in Turkey are evaluated in this process. the foremost important issue in assets choice is that the income of the $64000 estate.

In particular, we'd wish to note that the most human might notice the real estate agent, project and real estate with his/her own research, moreover as recommendation is created by lawyers.


After the most somebody has determined the $64000 estate that he/she need to speculate in, the present deed of conveyance should be shared with the lawyer. The title is then examined by lawyers and therefore the title deed is investigated whether or not there's a lien or the other restriction on the title. In addition, it's checked whether the assets/immovables have construction thralldom and condominium at the title deed.

Real estates with lien or restrictions don't seem to be eligible for Turkish Citizenship.

In particular, if we have a tendency to specify; real estate with mortgages, seizures and similar restrictions thereon is not eligible to use for Turkish citizenship.

However, contracts that require to be signed are examined and every one legal rights of the most somebody are protected.


A assets valuation establishment approved by the Capital Market Board should verify the worth of the $64000 estate, and a valuation report must be ready.

In all transactions for the sale of real estate to foreigners, the valuation report prepared by the real estate valuation institution must be submitted to the Land Registry workplace before the sale transaction.

Real Estate Valuation establishment is organized by lawyers and a Valuation Report is prepared.

In this process, lawyers would like contact range and deed of conveyance data.


The most significant issue within the payment of the acquisition worth of assets is that each one payments should be made up of the buyer’s checking account to the seller’s bank account.

In addition, land register information ought to be written in the receipt statement once paying the sale worth of the $64000 estate.

As a result, the names of the client and merchant and therefore the data concerning the paid assets ought to be clearly visible within the receipt stating that the sale price of the real estate has been paid.

Ministry of setting and concrete designing requests that each one details about the real estate, buyer and seller be in the receipt in compliance audits.


Installment sales are accepted throughout the citizenship application process.

But it ought to be noted that the number paid in installments or in money should be $ 400,000.

For example: Considering an acquisition in eight installments, every installment amounting to $50,000;

With the payment of the fifth installment, the amount of $400.000 is met. Thus, application for Citizenship will be created at the tip of the 5th month.


It is feasible to form application for citizenship with the $64000 Estate Preliminary Sales Contract to be signed.

This Agreement should be signed within the presence of a notary public public.

Construction thralldom or condominium of the $64000 estate must be established.

$400.000 must be paid.

Annotation relating to the contract must be additional in the Land Registry.


In order to form AN investment eligible to Turkish citizenship; the sale worth of the title deed, the number contained in the Valuation Report and therefore the amount paid must be on top of $400,000.

Along with the fulfillment of the investment demand of $400,000, the required documents are collected and application is created to the Ministry of setting and Urbanisation with missive of invitation for a Certificate of Investment Eligibility.

After the Investment Eligibility Certificate is received, the procedures for the Turkish Citizenship Application method will be started.


The main person will build all the transactions from the checking account once bank account opening.

By activating net banking, he/she can manage all transactions in his/her account.

For bank investment;

deposit a minimum of $500.000 or equivalent foreign currency or equivalent quantity of Turkish monetary unit to banks that operate in Turkey with the condition to stay such deposit within the relevant bank for a minimum of 3 (3) years that's determined by the Banking Regulation and direction Agency;”

Is regulated.

Based on the regulation, the most applicant who keeps 500,000 USD or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish monetary unit in his checking account for 3 years are often a Turkish citizen.

The main person will take pleasure in the interest or participation share throughout the three years that the mentioned investment is within the bank account.


Lawyers can perform all bank account gap procedures with an influence of attorney. In particular, we might wish to state that; there's no authorization to withdraw cash during this power of attorney. There are solely authorizations for the required transactions for gap a checking account and bank investment.

Bank account opening procedures are initiated with passport, power of attorney, address proof document and Potential Tax Identification Number.

Then, the necessary documents are signed for the account opening and also the bank account opening method is completed. once opening the bank account, all the data necessary for net banking, love account information and client number, is shared with the most applicant.


As a results of the audits conducted by the Banking regulative and higher-up Authority by examining the checking account, to whom the account belongs, the investment quantity and power of Attorney, A certificate of investment compliance is issued if the most applicant’s investment is found to be appropriate.

It doesn't matter from that account the investment amount is transferred to the bank account of the most Applicant. it's not controlled by the Banking Regulation and direction Agency by whom $500,000 or equivalent foreign currency or Turkish lira, is shipped to the main applicant’s checking account in Turkey, from that country it's sent, and from what account it comes from. the most issue here is whether or not the number in question is within the account of the most person on the date of the request for determination.

In addition, as long because the investment amount meets $500,000, the most person is liberated to keep the investment in his bank account in any currency he wishes, at any rate.

For example; investment are created like $400,000 and €400,000.

The main issue that the Banking regulative and Supervisory Authority controls is that the investment quantity is complete within the account settled in Turkish banks opened on behalf of the most person at the time of the request for an Investment Compliance Certificate.


An application for a residence allow is created in accordance with paragraph 31/J of the law on Foreigners and International Protection range 6458.

The residence permit we've got mentioned could be a sort of residence permit special to the applying method for Turkish Citizenship.

This residence permit is just needed for the Main Applicant. Therefore, the residence allow application is created solely on behalf of the most person.

The main applicant will use this residence permit once getting into and exiting Turkey if he wishes.


A valid insurance is needed for a residence permit. Because, the Provincial Migration Administration needs health insurance on behalf of candidates in residence permit applications. Therefore, it's obligatory to gift the health insurance policy in question.

In addition, the health insurance to be made should have valid expressions necessary for the residence permit.

Lawyers perform the complete insurance method required for the most applicant.


After getting valid health insurance, the residence permit application section are often started.

The application for a residence permit is created on-line primarily. The payments of the required fees determined by the Provincial Immigration Administration are completed so the documents are delivered to the Provincial board of Immigration Administration. The residence permit is approved among a couple of days.

Unlike a traditional residence permit application,

with this kind of residence allow, the residence permit method is completed while not the necessity for the most person to enter Turkey.

The appointments created through the web system take a awfully long time, however with this residence permit, the appointments are settled in a very abundant shorter time.


After getting the Investment Eligibility Certificate and residence permit by lawyers, an application for Turkish citizenship is made.

The main applicant and his/her family select Turkish 1st and last names for his or her Republic of Turkey identities and passports. There are sure limitations within the selection of name and family name determined by the State and also the relevant legislation.

Name and surname ought to be chosen from Turkish language names and surnames


The main person and his/her family will apply by victimization their names on the passport they use in the Turkish citizenship application method in the same

way as their Turkish identity and passports.

In addition, in line with the Turkish Civil Code, the family should use one surname. it's imperative that husband and partner and youngsters have a common surname.

After the most person decides on the name and surname, the applying is created by the lawyers to the relevant authorities.


Along with application for citizenship, data regarding application for citizenship is shared by the overall board of directors of Population and Citizenship. With this information;


From this link, current standing of citizenship application are checked.

In addition, lawyers sporadically check the stage of the citizenship application and inform the family by receiving direct information from the relevant ministry.

When the documents are totally submitted and also the application is completed, the stages are as follows, respectively;

-Sending it to the Competent Authority,

-Archive Research

-Submission to the relevant Authority for approval

-Approval of Authority

-Obtaining the required documents from the overall board of directors of Population and Citizenship

-Application for Passport and ID Card

After Acquisition of Turkish Citizenship;

If the family is found in Turkey, they will apply to the relevant board of directors of Population and Citizenship and apply for ID cards and passports of the Republic of Turkey,


By appointment organized by lawyers, the family can apply for ID cards and passports of the Republic of Turkey from the Turkish diplomatic building in the country wherever they're located.

Later on, they will collect the Republic of Turkey ID card and passports from the relevant authorities.

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