Company formation in Turkey

Mar 31, 2021Corporate Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi



What is a Limited Company?

Limited Company is a company which is established under the title of a trade by Turkish and / or foreign, one and / or more natural and / or legal persons, and the responsibility of the partners is limited to the capital they undertake to set and whose basic capital is determined regarding the Turkish Commercial Law no. 6102. There cannot be more than 50 partners in limited companies. The basic capital of limited companies must be at least 10,000 TL.

How to Establish a Limited Company?

The Limited Company is established with an application to be made to the Trade Registry Directorate by preparing the necessary documents to be notified to the Client by coming together under the specific title of the above-mentioned partner / partners.

Limited Company can be established by one person or it can be established by gathering more than one person. In this regard, individuals may be natural persons or legal persons. It is also possible for individuals to be foreign or Turkish.


Company establishments are made through the MERSIS system in accordance with Article 4 of the Communiqué on the Signing of the Company Establishment Agreement published in the Official Gazette on 06.12.2016 by the Ministry of Customs and Trade.


An application is made for the establishment of the company through the MERSİS system. In the relevant application, basic issues such as the main activity, purpose and subject of the Limited Company to be established, address of the center, capital, share distribution, and the company’s representative are recorded. The application regarding the company establishment made for the Limited Company whose main contract is prepared through the MERSİS system is sent to the approval through the MERSIS system for review by the relevant and affiliated Trade Registry Directorates.

If approval is given by the Trade Registry Office regarding the establishment of the relevant Limited Company, an appointment is made for the delivery of the documents requested for the establishment of the company from the address


On the day and time of the appointment, the documents are delivered by the founder of the company or the lawyer representing it. Upon delivery, the company is registered to the Trade Registry by the Trade Registry Directorate and the company’s main contract is published in the Trade Registry Gazette; company is announced. The company is deemed to have been established by the registration and announcement of the company.


With the establishment of the company, the company is now considered a taxpayer. Accordingly, it is mandatory for the company to work with the accountant / financial advisor to carry out the accounting procedures of the company. Following the establishment of the company, opening of commercial bank accounts of companies is also mandatory.


All these processes, such as company establishment and bank account opening, are carried out by our law firm with special power of attorney via a notary public given by the company founder (s).

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