Day to Day Legal Advice

Day to day legal advice is a full services package intended for the foreign companies and individuals carrying on business and making investments in Turkey that need constant professional legal consultancy.

This package includes services such as:

Daily Operations

Responsible and ensure the necessary coordination between Clients and Public Authorities.

Draft replies to state/governmental bodies as well as customer complaints

Draft copyright infringement notices and contact with relevant agencies, companies and real persons.

Representing clients before all public authorities, filing all petitions, the preparation of all legal documents required, draft warning letters to the 3rd parties, responding to notices, follow up of all legal matters relating to the company, applying for work permits and residence permits for foreign labor,

Announcement of amendments and/or new enacts in Turkish Legislation via written memorandums

Registering of Trade Marks and Patents, follow up on the registration of Trade Marks and Patents, follow up on the protection of Trademark, Patents, Copyrights and Neighbouring rights,

Debt follow-up, collecting debts, commencing execution proceedings, filing petitions, filing a lien, representing clients before Enforcement Offices

 Assist in the correspondences with tax advisors

Management of leased properties of the Company including correspondences w/landlords

Draft and manage higher managers’ personal flat lease contracts

Draft briefs for the questions pertaining to daily operations for all branches of law

Draft all necessary papers (including but not limited to the Board of Directors Resolution to invite the shareholders, Proxies, Board member Acceptance Letters, Minutes of the Shareholders Meeting, Petitions for the Trade Registry, etc.) for the purpose of convention of Regular/Irregular General Assemblies of the Company; register and publish the same w/Istanbul Trade Registry

Assist preparation of the BoD Resolutions.

Draft Specimen of Signature(s) of the Company

Legal opinions for the higher management re/Corporate Governance regulations under the new Turkish Commercial Code

Collection of shares from ex-shareholders in respect of duly issued Share Purchase Agreements

Assist to the Company’s Operational staff at the Municipality and other administrative offices while opening of new workshops, branches and/or offices

HR Documentation

Draft Employment Contracts and adaptation of the same on occasional needs

Draft notices to employees for the purpose of receipt of their defences for certain occasions

Draft warning letters to employees

Draft termination notices to employees

Draft protocols for the transfer of employees within intra group companies

Draft employment manuals such as delivery of vehicles, computers and other necessary items

Draft and from time to time adapt the Companies Manuals

Contract Management

Draft, review, approve and if requested by the client negotiation of:

License Agreements

Distribution Agreements

Labor Agreements

Copyright Agreements

Agency Agreements

Loan Agreements

Sales Agreements

Long Term Service Agreements

>Lease Agreements

Confidentiality Agreements

Technical Specification Contracts

All types of 3rd party Vendor/Purchase Agreements

Privacy Policies for the Websites

Use of Cookies for the Websites

Legal Notices for the Websites

Website Terms of Use

Debt Collection

process of pursuing payments of debts owed by individuals or businesses. 


Representation of the Clients before Enforcement Offices, Prosecution Offices, and all capacities of Turkish Courts.

Legal Consultation

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