How to apply for a Turkish Resident Permit Visa?

Mar 31, 2021Immigration Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi

How to apply for a Turkish Resident Permit Visa?

The visa procedure requires following numerous procedures where you have to complete all the formalities by filling an online application. The application will be filled on the website of the Turkish Ministry where you have to fill all the personal and professional information for the visa form.

After filling the application for a Turkish Resident Permit visa you have to move forward with the Central Appointment system. Book an appointment at the nearest Directorate General of Migration Management. The DGMM will be requiring all the information to grant you the visa.

Collect all the necessary documents appointment letter has all the information in terms of date and time of the meeting and fees to be paid for the turkey visa residence permit.

Documents Required for a visa permit

● Application form of residence permit.

● Four biometric photographs of the applying person.

● Original Passport.

● Copy of passport and other travel documents notarized.

● Proof of financial resources to ensure that you can safely stay and survive in Turkey.

● It requires having at least €500 in your bank every month to bear the expenses in Turkey. The person can show the proof of income that justifies the person will retain the money every month.

Foreigners have to apply for the work permit to get a work right in Turkey.