Invest in Portugal, become European- Golden Visa Lawyer in Turkey.

Mar 28, 2021Immigration Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi


The Portuguese government has recently introduced legislation facilitating the issue of a Five Year Temporary Residence Permit for non EU Citizens (Oct. 2012). To take advantage of this opportunity, the contending resident must invest in Portugal according to certain criteria.​In essence, the Temporary Residence Permit is automatically issued when the candidate invests in one of the following ways:​

Purchase of a property above €500,000.

Transfer of funds of an amount above €1,000,000.

Launching of a company

that creates a minimum of 10 job positions.

General requirement – Investments maintained for a minimum of 5 years.

We are proudly announcing that WiklundKurucuk Law Firm is further co-operating with BWA Across Real Estate Services , a Portugese Company based in the City of Lisbon, for the investments in Portugal, golden visa applications and Portuguese resident permit applications of our clients in Portugal in association with Guilherme D’Orey, CEO of BWA Across.


ACROSS is a partnership between BWA – Buildings with Art which operates in real estate market projection, property management, generating custom-made solutions to third parties, and ABBC, legal counseling.

For this reason, it is in an ideal position to advise those interested in investing in Portugal for the purpose of obtaining a Permanent Resident Visa.

ACROSS is a global service provider encompassing all areas of the real estate sector, and has acquired the know-how that reaches far beyond the sector: ACROSS intervenes whenever a market for owners needing technical assistance in the management of their real estate is created – updating records, assessments, maintenance, collection and updating of rental value, tenant management, purchasing, sales and exchanges of property, economic evaluation of projects for change of use, etc.. As far as investors are concerned, ACROSS’s aim is, naturally, to choose the best real estate investment in terms of cost, location, potential return on investment and market transaction ease.

Legal Counsel:

Responsibility for gathering and filing all necessary documentation for obtainment of the Golden Visa.

Overseeing the process of acquiring client’s residence permit.

Responsibility for all documentation regarding the renovation processes.

Responsibility for organizing all paperwork and ensuring its delivery and processing at the SEF.

Legal support and counselling at every stage – acquisition, planning, development, letting and eventual sale of property.

Handling issues regarding judicial, contractual and legal intricacies of the real estate asset.

Real Estate and Financial Counselling:

Assisting private and corporate investors – in rigorous professional basis – so that they can buy the best properties in the best locations at the best price.

Providing the investors with a summary of the real estate market in Portugal – both in the residential and the non-residential side – so that they have a better perception about what they will be shown and make the best investment options.

Preselecting a set of properties that meet customers’ expectations and preferences.

Counselling and assisting at every stage – acquisition, planning, development, letting and eventual sale of the property.

Providing the investor with all the information about future scenarios to value the property, namely through rental, leasing or sale options.

Assisting customer with bank account opening and money transfers.

Legal and Fiscal:

Overseeing the process of acquiring client’s visa in what concerns, legal and tax advice.

Appointing a fiscal representative.

Organizing all paperwork and ensuring its delivery and processing at the SEF and notary documents for the final deed.

Handling subsequent legal and tax implications on behalf of the client ( i.e. property registrations).

Dealing with all documentation regarding the renewal processes.


Communicating with the client in order to create a bond.

Welcoming and transferring the client from the airport to the hotel.

Picking up at hotel and guiding through property visits.

Transferring to attorney’s office and to SEF for interview.

Farewell dinner.

Car and driving all day.

Add-Value Services:

Taking care of all travel arrangements prior to client’s arrival.

Reserving and ensuring welcome package and tourism documentation at hotel room for the client.

Presenting pre-selected prior to property visits.

Showing the client all the selected choices and discussing the “value for money” of each one.

Being prepared to answer client’s questions regarding legal matters.

On Demand:

Translation and simultaneous interpretation.

Manage the client’s property and other needs such as periodic cleaning and representation at owners’ meetings.

Utility contracts (electricity, gas, cable TV, etc.).

Education options in international schools, universities and timely enrolment.

Several types of insurance (home, property, health, etc.).

Home decorating services: purchasing of furniture and decoration.

Doctor and home assistance service.

Assistance and advice in any issue, doubt or problem in normal life in the country for the first year.

General expenses and local taxes payment.

And also

Highly specialized financial and legal counsel for business construction or real estate acquisition of complex buildings (e.g., real estate that is government-owned).

Lisboa Office:

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1050–052 Lisboa, Portugal

+351 217 817 220

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Istanbul Office:​​

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Telephone: +90 216 539 09 90 – +90 530 900 90 21



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