Are you looking to acquire Jordanian Citizenship By Investment?

Jordanian Citizenship By Investment Program was launched in 2018. Multiple benefits of Jordan CBI have effectively attracted more than 200 investors or applicants from different countries, including Iraq, India, Canada, Iraq, Finland, Palestine, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, and the United States.

According to the Jordanian Investment Commission, the investors’ total investment raised US $1.38 billion or an average of US $6.9 million per investor because coming up of the latest Jordanian Citizenship By Investment Program.

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The Jordanian Economic Citizenship Program

The Jordanian citizenship program has shocked most of the industry peoples. Given Jordan’s geographic area and its low rating of visa-free travel, scarcely any industry insiders anticipated that the Jordanian CIP should acquire any significant footing.

Another viewpoint that diverges from the Jordanian citizenship program is that the average investment amount surpassed the base necessity by 4.6X times. While economies of scale may represent this somewhat, an almost certain clarification is that many applications are approved from significant industrial investments. This signifies that the investment made by simply focusing on the commercial settlement instead of gaining Jordanian citizenship.

This trend convinced Jordan’s government to make necessary changes by reducing the minimum investment thresholds of CIP.

Jordan Citizenship by Investment program: an Overview

In September 2020, the Jordanian Council of Ministers reported that the Jordanian Citizenship By Investment’s base investment requirements would be decreased by 25% to half of the investment plan, contingent upon the particular choice being worked out.

Going ahead are the accompanying investment requirements that applicants can choose:

  1. Minimum investment of US $1 million (applicant must have an investment for three years) in the central bank. Previously, it was $1.5 million (applicant must have an investment for five years)
  2. Minimum investment of US $1 million (applicant must have an investment for six years) in government fund, previously it was the US $1.5 million (applicant must have an investment for ten years)
  3. Minimum investment of US $1 million in a Jordanian company’s share capital, where the investment to be held for at least three years.
  4. Minimum investment of US $750,000 in small to medium-sized Jordanian company, where the investment to be held for at least three years (previously Minimum investment SMEs was the US $1 million).
  5. Investment in company establishment: Under this investment plan, a company with a minimum capitalization of the US $1.5 million must provide jobs to 20 people in the capital region. In the previous program, minimum capitalization was the US $2 million, held for at least three years.
  6. Investment in the establishment of companies in Jordan: Under this investment plan, a company having a minimum capitalization of the US $1 million must provide jobs to a minimum of 20 people outside the capital region. In the previous program, minimum capitalization was the US $1.5 million that must hold for at least three years.

Applicant can also invest the US $280,000 in property to acquire citizenship that must hold for at least ten years. In contrast with the Jordanian CBI, this program has only processed four successful applicants to date.


Jordan Golden visa program (Residence Permit)

Jordan likewise offers a unique plan for foreign investors to get Jordan’s citizenship by investing the US $280,000 in any property. Applicant must hold this investment for a base time of 10 years. Interestingly with the Jordanian CBI, this program has just prepared four effective candidates till now.

Jordan Golden visa program is applicable for main applicants and their families.


Jordan Citizenship By Investment program: Requirements

Every nation offers an alternate arrangement of necessities that candidates should satisfy for its citizenship by investment program. For instance, a few projects require medical assessments and good health evidence, while others don’t. But, there are few standard requirements that all citizenship by investment program requires:

  1. Have no spotless criminal record.
  2. Provide all the legitimate proof of investment funds source.
  3. Made investment in any government-approved alternatives, like government securities, real estate, or a public financial asset.

All necessities should be met altogether for citizenship applications to be endorsed by the host government.


Jordan Citizenship By Investment program: Documents required

Important documents required in application process are:

  1. Current passport
  2. Any Identification proof
  3. Passport size photos
  4. Birth certificate
  5. Marriage certificate
  6. Proof of investment in Jordan

These are few common documents that you may require. Along these, different agencies are demanding for other documents as well. So, be ready with all your documents while applying for citizenship.


Jordan Citizenship By Investment program: Visa-Free Travel 2020

Starting on 7 July 2020, Jordanian citizenship is offering visa-free travel to 51 nations and regions. The countries include:

Bolivia, Cambodia, Comoros, Cape Verde, Dominica, Egypt, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Georgia, Guinea Bissau, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mauritius, Mozambique, Maldives, Madagascar, Nicaragua, Nepal, St Kitts and Nevis, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Samoa, Tajikistan, Turkey, Tanzania, Uganda, and Yemen.


Jordan Citizenship By Investment program: future for your family

An investor who is applying for any of the above investments obtains can get a similar status for his/her spouse, daughters (unmarried, divorced, or widowed), son’s age below 18 years, and their parents.


How might Jordan citizenship affect people in the future?

Approaching Jordan citizenship can be a life-saving need if you come from a nation confronted with the vulnerability of war and political confusion.


Jordan Citizenship By Investment program: Benefits
  1. Gaining the visa of a protected and stable nation can help secure your family’s future and shield your business advantages.
  2. Jordan Citizenship is the best for getting second citizenship within two months.
  3. Jordan Citizenship offers a second alternative that is safe and secure for you and your family.
  4. With Jordan Citizenship, you can get all the reliable health facilities in Jordan.
  5. Jordan Citizenship is the best alternatives for residency after retirement.
  6. Jordan Citizenship is offering more significant opportunities to work and open business.
  7. Jordan Citizenship offers access to a great foundation, including brilliant flight associations with the entirety of the world’s significant hubs.
  8. You can live a multicultural life in an open society working under law and order and a stable political framework.
  9. Allow education to your children in the best instructive organizations.
  10. Jordan is one of the best alternatives to keep one’s family together.


Jordan Citizenship By Investment program: Cons
  1. Naturalized Jordanians are banned from political positions and from turning out to be members of the State Council for ten years, just as prohibited for five years from municipal or village councils.
  2. Visa-free travel to only a few countries.
  3. High investment required.


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