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Mar 31, 2021Immigration Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi

Summary- In this PR, We are presuming you the details about the best experience, specialized and highly educated lawyer that gives you legal and financial advice.

We are at WiklundKurucuk providing you the best lawyers that ensure teamwork, collaboration, and commitment to customer service. We consume our most of the time to understand the customer’s business so that they can be used as an extension of the team. We help the customers to cope up with the upcoming trends and the challenging environment.

Rather than this, our purpose is to give legal advice, reconstructing in all types of company documents, mergers and acquisitions, labor law, Turkey Foreign Investment Law, company secretary, taxation law, capital markets and more. We also introduce you to the best, the Turkish Citizenship Program that severely helps you in proper optimization of the money invested.

Rules applied in context to get Turkey Investment Citizenship:

1. Don’t be at a minor age.

2. Provide exact and accurate information.

3. Good health.

4- Real Estate Purchase for the minimum amount of 250,000 USD


5-Bank Deposit for the minimum amount of 500,00 USD.

We are having the specialized and experienced lawyers who aim to give relevant or concise advice that will work out. They are much dedicated to their role and task.

Thus, they are offering you a variety of services:

1. Day to day operations

2. Corporate issues

3. Contract administration

4. Legal and ethical compliance

5. Debt regarding service

6. Security of property

Hence, our company is offering legal and financial advice for all your investments. We provide our legal, economics, business experts who can provide you full assistance and helps in the identification of best opportunities according to your risk profile.

Therefore, we aim to provide legal and consultancy services with our specialized and experienced lawyers that are highly educated in international standards.

We believe that the services offered by us will surely satisfy your needs and wants. So, avail the experience by visiting at WiklundKurucuk. We feel happy to serve you!