Montenegro is a republic country known for its beauty and promising nature. This country is offering an assortment of investment options for foreigners to acquire the citizenship of Montenegro.

Why choose Montenegro?
Numerous reasons are attracting foreigners to come and stay in this country. With its natural beauty, establishing independence in a strategic position also influences peoples to become part of Montenegro.

Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment: Overview

The government of Montenegro launched the Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program in 2019. This program is launched to increase the interest of foreigners for foreign direct investment that helps in the country’s economic growth.

Under this program, applicants have to make a defined economic contribution to Montenegrin society. Applicants can also make a contribution to a government fund for advancing the undeveloped regions.

In Montenegro Citizenship by Investment model, special citizenship is granted with a donation to the government of EUR 100,000 and an investment of EUR 250,000. This implies that the applicants have to donate in government funds to invest in real estate projects like resorts, hotels, IT parks, commercial real estate, and many others. Your investment is creating jobs and also providing development in Montenegro.

Under the Montenegro Special Citizenship by Investment Program (MSCIP), applicants are investing in an economic activity like a business. This investment is contributing to the economic development of Montenegro. Acquire Montenegro Citizenship by Investment is easy to process because of the following reasons:

1. No language check and business experience are needed.
2. No need for military service.
3. Get free travel in EU countries and the Schengen area

Requirements of acquiring Montenegrin citizenship

While applying for the Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment Program, the Applicant must remember the following points:
• The only Applicant above 18 years of age can apply,
• Applicant should meet the basic application needs,
• Applicant must make the required contributions to Montenegro Government

For Montenegro Citizenship by Investment, applicants have the following options:
A) Government Fund Donation
B) Real Estate Investment

A) Government Fund Donation

Donation in government funds is the best option to qualify for citizenship. This is a non-refundable investment that any applicant makes for getting quick citizenship.

A contribution of a minimum of €100,000 is to be made by the Applicant under this program.

B) Real Estate Investment

Real Estate Investment is known as the best options for applying for citizenship. Under this program, applicants are investing in the real estate property approved by the government.
On the basis of investment made, given below is a choice that you can pick:

• Investment in undeveloped areas, make a minimum investment of €250,000, or
• Investment in developed areas, make a minimum investment of €450,000.

Investing in real estate, you can sell the property after five years of getting citizenship.

Government Due Diligence Fees

While applying for citizenship, EUR 100,000 of additional donation is needed to be required in government fee.
• For the main Applicant is €7,000
• For up to four dependents is €10,000
• For additional fourth dependent is €1,500

Application processing fee:
• For the main Applicant is €15,000
• For up to four qualifying dependent is €10,000 per person,
• For the fifth and more qualifying dependent is €50,000 per person

Procedure of Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

In this stage, an initial internal due diligence check is carried out to evaluate their appropriateness for the Montenegro citizenship program.

In this stage, all the required documents of applicants are scanned. Scanning is done to check whether all the documents are correct and submitted in the right way. The appropriate direction will be given to applicants all through the interaction. From therein, the group will set up your application and submit it to the Citizenship unit.

The citizenship unit will lead due diligence on the Applicant. After this process, the citizenship unit will confirm whether the application is approved or not.

After you get the approval, the citizenship unit will provide you the citizenship certificates.

Procedures And Time Frame

All the application is submitted by the agents. These agents are making complete efforts that your application process doesn’t get any delay.
Once you submit the right document, the government department will take about 70-90 days to approve your application.

Qualifications For Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

For residency or citizenship, candidates should satisfy one of the speculation choices beneath as well as meeting the accompanying models:

• Applicants applying for citizenship should not have any previous criminal record.
• Applicants applying for citizenship should not have any severe or contagious disease.
• The main Applicant should have enough net worth to process the payment for investment.

Eligible Dependents

1. Spouse of the Main Applicant is a dependent member
2. Children who the main Applicant fully supports are dependent members.

Benefits of Montenegro Citizenship-by-Investment

1. Montenegro citizenship by investment program is the fast procedure to get citizenship in approx three months.

2. Individual freedom

• Offering Dual Citizenship
• There is no need to reside in Montenegro
• There is no need to learn the native language
• No interview is conducted
• No qualification certification or experience is required
• Montenegro citizenship by investment is passed to next generation

3. Business advantages

• Tax relaxation for business.
• Montenegro is applying the least income tax rates of 9% in Europe. With this, you are getting one of the best opportunities for freely doing business in the EU.
• One of the best geographical locations in Europe
• Offering traveling without a visa
• Citizens can travel to 125 countries (Russia, Schengen zone, Bulgaria, Romania, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Turkey, and Singapore)
• Applicant are getting E1 and E-2 Visa
• Easily travel from Montenegro to the U.S.A.

How many days does Applicant have to reside in Montenegro for the citizenship process?
While applying for the business purpose, it will require five days for the submission of required documentation. And if you are applying for temporary residence, you can get the permit within one month.

Permanent residence in Montenegro

Permanent residence: Permanent resistance is almost getting citizenship. Under permanent residence, the individual is getting all the rights that Montenegro’s citizens are getting (in this, suffrage is not included)

For getting permanent residence to residence in Montenegro, an individual must live for at least five years in the country with a valid residence permit. During these five years, an individual should not leave the country for more than ten months or six consecutive months.

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