Pros and Cons of Doing Business in Turkey

Mar 31, 2021Corporate Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi

For business men’s Turkey is a great platform to invest in the business and retain a global amount of profits as well as provides the opportunity to expand the business. Turkish business law states import and export duties should be zero percent according to the free trade agreements in 22 countries.

Turkey has an exceptional business growth rate which is increasing day by day as well as more companies have started investing money in the global market. The work permit Turkey visa applications are continuously increasing also the foriegn land is offering many opportunities in various business sectors such as Transportation, Energy, Telecommunication, and more.


No Taxes

The organization who has started business in Turkey under the Free Zone act need not make any installment for the Corporate Tax for Business in Turkey, Value Added Tax or Customs Duty. The organizations enrolled under the free zone can restore the benefits of unreservedly to the parent organization.

Import and Exports

Turkey has a great source of imports and exports which provides the opportunity for business expansion. It has gigantic railroad courses to European and Asian districts just as an immediate course to China.

Turkey is situated between the two significant landmasses, for example, Asia and Europe, which eventually decreases the transport expenses of the organizations enrolled in Turkey. It likewise has the best savvy ocean course and operational foundation which empowers quicker shipment of products across Europe area.

Foriegn Inventors can retain many benefits

Turkey is relatively a monetary nation in Europe. The rental charges for whole office space or loft in Turkey are just about 1/sixth of the all-out cost London. The composed legitimate framework in Turkey has a superior normal than different nations in Europe by settling debates and agreements settlements inside 4 months faster than the European normal and implements property rights all through the nation;

The organizations proposing to put resources into Turkey can pick profoundly talented and incompetent work for their business. The new alumni drop from the Turkish Universities empowering unfamiliar organizations to pick new gifts according to the business prerequisites.


Corruption Rate

The pace of corruption in Turkey is high and it has been recorded at 66th situation on the planet according to the ‘Defilements Perception Index by Transparency International.

High bankruptcy Rates

Turkey holds a terrible bankruptcy rate and insolvencies of the organization as it has one of the most troublesome and testing measures. The normal time taken is around 3.3 years which is twofold the time taken according to the OECD normal. The pace of insolvencies is likewise pitiful in Turkey contrasted with different nations on the planet.

The downside in the Construction business

The construction business has more hassle in Turkey as it requires an assortment earlier and without any disapproval from government officials. Entrepreneurs who want to join or put resources into development business ought to be set up to follow long cycles, authorizations, endorsements, expenses, and allows.

Foreigners have to apply for the work permit to get a work right in Turkey.