Quick guide of different types of Turkey Residence Permits

Mar 31, 2021Immigration Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi

The Turkish Residency Permit Provider helps you in getting the permit authorization for a longer period to stay settle for work and studying purposes in Turkey. Different permits serve the different purposes of an individual. If you are looking to settle in Turkey or get married that requires getting all necessary documents. If you are looking for commencing business you have to move forward according to Turkey Business Law.

Types of Turkey Residence Permits

Short-Term Residence permit

The short-term residence permit is available for different purposes such as service training programs, tourism, Turkish learning courses, student exchange programs, and more.


Family residence permit

The family residence permit is granted to the spouse, minor children, and dependent family member. The individual should have enough income source to take care of their family members.


Student Residence permits

The student residence permit is used for educational purposes and enrolling in the institutes for primary and secondary education. The student gets eligible for these permits when they apply to study at associate levels, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, doctorates, or any other course or specialization.


Long term residence permit

The long term residence permit is for those individuals who have resided in Turkey for more than 8 years.