Residence permit in Turkey

Mar 31, 2021Immigration Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi

The Residence Permit in Turkey:


The Residence Permit in Turkey is regulated by Law No 6458 on Foreigners and International Protection.

According to this law, foreigner can enter to Turkey with visa and stay 90 days.  After 90 days, foreigner has to apply for a residence permit to stay in Turkey. The residence permit is legal obligation after 90 days. Otherwise there will be administrative sanctions and penalties.

The foreigner can reside in Turkey one year or more with residence permit.

There are some conditions to get the residence permit in Turkey. These are;


· Provide the documents requested by The Immigration office,

· To be appropriate to general health and safety,

· If requested, providing a criminal certificate,

· Staying in the same address in Turkey.

The most used residence permit types are;


· Tourism Residence Permit

· Commercial Residence Permit

· Real estate Residence Permit

· Educational Residence Permit

· Treatment Residence Permit

. Scientific Residence Permit.

Tourism Residence Permit;

Only the applicant has to declare that the applicant will stay for touristic purposes.

The Immigration Office gives tourism residence permit for one year and the applicant cannot extend this type of residence permit. (Because of the Covid-19 situation, Turkey has stopped to give touristic residence permit until December, 2020.)

Commercial Residence Permit

Includes the foreigners who will establish company or commercial connections in Turkey.

The applicant has to establish the company or show the business connections with the company in Turkey.


The Immigration Office gives Commercial Residence Permit for one year and the applicant can extend this.

Real Estate Residence Permit;

The applicant has to purchase a real estate in Turkey. The value of the real estate can be any amount. The applicant can purchase a shared title or more than one real estate.

The main point is showing the title deed under the applicant’s name.

If the applicant would like to add his/her family to residence permit, the family can purchase shared title. The Immigration Office gives Real Estate Residence Permit and the applicant can extend this.

Educational Residence Permit,

The applicant has to submit his/her documents related to Turkish School. This is the special residence permit for foreign students. There is special permission for foreign students.

Treatment Residence Permit;

The applicant has to proof the treatment with the doctor reports, hospital documents.

Also, the important point is not having a disease that will threaten public health.

Scientific Work Residence Permit;

The applicant has to submit special written permission from the Ministries, universities or competent institutions. The applicant has to get a special visa for enter to Turkey with scientific work purposes.


First stage is online application on the system. Then the system gives the appointment date in the Immigration Offices. The applicant has to come to appointment with the attorney. Then attorney complete the required documents for the residence permit application.

The required documents are changing by the type of the residence permit. The attorney will share the required document list with you at the beginning of the process.

The attorney can represent the applicant in all process for residence permit. Only the applicant has to come to an appointment for one time. 

The attorney can make all the transactions on behalf of the applicant. Only the attorney needs to take a Power of Attorney to represent the applicant. The Power of Attorney authorizes attorneys to make all transactions on behalf of the client.

The applicant can apply for extension application 60 days before the end of the residence permit. Foreigners can extend their residence permit for 2 years.

In addition to these, foreigners can apply long term residence permit after reside in the Turkey 8 years. Long Term Residence Permit condition regulated by Law No 6458.

Please note that, residence permit does not give any right to work in the Turkey.


Foreigners have to apply for the work permit to get a work right in Turkey.