Today at Legal Gazette 14 April 2021 Wednesday

Apr 14, 2021Today's Official Gazette

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi


14 April 2021 Wednesday

Execution and Administration 


In accordance with the Presidential Circular on Measures for Public Employees in the Scope of COVID-19 2021/8, in public institutions and organizations,

  • Working hours are arranged as 10.00-16.00.
  • Transition to flexible working methods such as remote work and rotational work has been encouraged.
  • Except for National Intelligence Organization, those who are pregnant between 24-32 weeks, those on milk leave, disabled employees,

Except for the Ministry of Health and National Intelligence Organization, non-administrators women over the age of 60, those with chronic diseases, and those with children aged 10 and under are considered on administrative leave.


  • Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation: Regulation Amending the Regulation on the Implementation of the Provisions of the Law No. 2464 on Municipal Revenues Law on Expenditure Contribution Shares
  • Ministry of Trade: Regulation on Jewelery Trade
  • Ministries of Transport and Infrastructure, Environment and Urbanisation and Internal Affairs: Electric Scooter Regulation
  • Turkish Patent and Trademark Office: Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation Indicating the Implementation Method of the Law on Protection of Integrated Circuit Topographies


Constitutional Court Order– Application of Mustafa Atak

In the decision, reference was made to the Salih Sönmezoğlu decision, while no evidence or document was sought for the protective measure, it was stated that there should be facts indicating that there was a risk of being or exposed to violence for the preventive measure decision, otherwise the right provided by the law numbered 6284 would be abused. It has been decided that the applicant’s right protected by the Constitution Article 36 has been violated.