Today at Legal Gazette 15 April 2021 Thursday

Apr 16, 2021Today's Official Gazette

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi


15 April 2021 Thursday

Execution and Administration 


  • Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation: Regulation on Organization, Working Procedures and Principles of Turkish Environment Agency 
  • Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation: Regulation on Rural Neighborhood and Rural Settled Area 


  • Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources: Communiqué on the Implementation of Energy Performance Contracts in the Public
  • Ministry of Trade: Customs General Communiqué (Pre-Arrival Customs Transactions) (Serial No: 1) (Pre-Arrival Customs Transactions) (Serial No: 2) : Generally, the articles include the addition of airline transportation as a basis and text, and changes regarding permission periods.


  • Turkish Republic Exchange Rates Determined by the Central Bank and Daily Values of Government Debt Securities: Turkish Republic Central Bank Exchange Rates by 14 April 3:30 P.M. : USD: 8.07 TL, EUR: 9.66 TL


  • Constitutional Court Order: Application of Rafet Güney, numbered 2018/20868

In the decision, Constitutional Court once again emphasized that the exhaustion of the application remedies in individual applications is obligatory in terms of admissibility.