Today at Legal Gazette 16 April 2021 Friday

Apr 16, 2021Today's Official Gazette

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi


16 April 2021 Friday

Execution and Administration


  • Ministry of Justice: Regulation on the Inspection of Election Directorates by Justice Inspectors: The procedures and principles regarding the inspection of election directorates by justice inspectors have been regulated.
  • Ministry of Agriculture and Foresty: Regulation on Calculation of Imitation and Adulteration Act and Administrative Fines in Food and Feed: Procedures and principles of sanctions for the implementation of Article 24/4 of Law No. 5996 have been regulated.
  • Ministry of Commerce: Regulation on the Amendment of the Regulation on Real Estate Trade: The requirement that the officials in sales must be graduated from high school has been changed to a primary school graduate.
  • Turkish Republic Central Bank: Regulation on Not Using Crypto Assets in Payments: It has been stated that as of April 30, 2021, Crypto Assets cannot be used in payments.
  • Council of Higher Education: Regulation on the Amendment of the Associate Professorship Regulation: The principles and procedures of the Associate Professorship Commission to be established within the Interuniversity Council have been regulated.