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WiklundKurucuk Istanbul Business & Immigration Law Firm proudly announcing signing of Memorandum of Understanding for collaboration in the Legal field with UK Immigration Law Firm “AY&J Solicitors” at Istanbul, Turkey in association with Yash Dubal, Managing Attorney of AY&J Solicitors in 03.03.2020


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A Y & J Solicitors has established a reputation for excellence in immigration law. A Y & J Solicitors is SRA-regulated solicitors with expertise in UK visas, work permits, visa extensions and visa renewals for individuals and businesses.

Turkish Businessperson Visa:

Obtaining Turkish Citizenship opens the door for the individuals to apply for the Turkish Businessperson visa, to start a new business in the UK, come to the UK to help run an established business, apply to settle in the UK permanently and bring family (‘dependants’) with themselves.

How Can Apply for a Turkish Businessperson Visa?

  • You are a Turkish national, and

  • You want to start a new business in the UK, or

  • Come to the UK to help run an established business

How Do I Apply for a Turkish Businessperson Visa?
Some of the facts:

  • The Turkish businessperson visa provides an opportunity for you and your family to relocate to the UK at a cheaper cost compared to any other UK Immigration Visas;

  • Those entering the UK on Turkish Businessperson Visa may qualify for settlement and citizenship after 5 and 6 years respectively;

  • You must meet financial criteria, satisfy the entry clearance officer that you are in the process of planning, setting up or running your business, proof that you can support and house yourself and your dependants during your stay;

  • The application is free of charge.


What Documents Do I Need to Provide for my Business?

  • Business plan

  • Documents for your business premises

  • Partnership agreements

  • Insurance documents, if applicable

  • Business accounts prepared by a chartered accountant or approved by an auditor, if applicable

  • HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) documents (including evidence of payment), if applicable qualifications for running the business, such as relevant formal qualifications or evidence of previous relevant experience

  • Evidence of your finances and your investment in the business, such as UK or overseas bank statements,overseas money transfers, and bank loans, if applicable

  • Evidence of any financial assistance from a third party (for example family member), such as bank statements or other financial documents as evidence of their finances, and a legal or other document confirming their involvement in and share of the business

  • A document setting out the terms of your involvement in the business


How can we help?
We guide you to gather the correct documentation to evidence following:

  •    You have reasonable grounds to establish a UK business or to join an established business;

  •    You have experience establishing and running businesses;

  •    Instruct an experienced consultant to prepare advice on your business plan;

  •    Ability to support yourselves and any dependents (if any)

  •    We prepare legal representations outlining how you satisfy the Immigration Rules;

  •    We complete the application form/s for you and your dependents (if any);

  •    We maintain contact with you and the Home Office throughout the course of your application process until you receive the decision on your application.


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