Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program: Best choice for dual Citizenship

Vanuatu is the ideal destination for many peoples. This island’s tropical chain is located in the south Pacific, known for its peaceful and culturally diverse nature. With deserted beaches and rugged landscapes, Vanuatu’s ancient culture welcomes international travelers to explain its significance.

This tropical island has many more things to explore with the white sand, clear seas, and blue skies. Vanuatu is offering a secure and stable place to live for those who want. You can also apply for Vanuatu by investing some amount in the economic growth of country.

Why Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program?

In 2017, the government of Vanuatu launched the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program.  Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment program is the only program in the South Pacific.  Vanuatu CIP is commonly known as the Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program (DSP).

Vanuatu Citizenship Development Support Program is one of the best alternatives to get Vanuatu Citizenship. After one month from applying for Citizenship, you can get the passport only by making a minimum investment of $130,000 into the government fund. Vanuatu’s passport allows you to travel to over 129 countries (countries including the UK and the EU, Singapore, and many others) without any visa.

Vanuatu citizenship is the most desirable option for all those looking for dual Citizenship and who want relief from the tax burden. Vanuatu is one of the favorable nations that don’t impose tax on income, inheritance, or gains.

The validity of Vanuatu passports has the longest validity. You can get a Citizenship of 10 years with your family members (no matter age).

Citizenship processing time

Vanuatu has the fastest citizenship processing time, wherein you can get a passport within one month.

Visa-free travel

Vanuatu Citizenship is allowing you visa-free travel to 130 countries.

Type of investment for Vanuatu Citizenship

Through donation, you can apply for Vanuatu Citizenship.

Investment cost

The minimum investment cost of Vanuatu Citizenship investment is USD 130,000

Family dependents
  1. Spouse,
  2. Children of age below 26 years old
  3. Parents of age above 50 years old
  4. Mentally and physically disabled children of any age
  5. Citizenship can be inherited
Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program: Overview

While applying for Vanuatu’s Citizenship by investment program, the applicant is required to invest. Applicant can make this investment in the Government fund.

Donation To The Development Support Program (DSP)

A donation To The Development Support Program is a non-refundable contribution made to a Government fund. The cost of contribution depends upon the age of the applicant and the number of applicants applying. Given below are investment plans:

  1. Minimum Investment by Single Applicant is USD 130,000
  2. Minimum Investment by Main Applicant and Spouse is USD 150,000
  3. Minimum Investment by Main Applicant, Spouse, and one dependent member is USD 165,000
  4. Minimum Investment by Main Applicant, Spouse and two dependents members is USD 180,000
  5. Minimum Investment for any additional dependent is USD 10,000


Due Diligence & Background Checks

Government appoints agencies who are checking the compulsory background information checks. These agencies are known as due diligence agencies whose services are payable. These agencies use various local and international sources. The due diligence fee is provided by the time you are submitting your application.

Due Diligence Fee is USD 5,000 per Application.

Additional cost:

While applying for Citizenship, applicants have to submit additional cost like Citizenship Invest professional fees, certification cost for Citizenship and passport, the cost for official application forms, courier & other disbursements cost.

Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program: Requirements

The process of getting a Citizenship by investment program may take approximately 30-45 days. For completing the process, investors must check the following criteria required in Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program:

  • The age of the main applicant must be over 18 years
  • Applicant doesn’t have any criminal record in any serious criminal activity
  • Applicant must not be included in any activity that violates the security of the nation
  • Citizens of Iran, Iraq, Syria, North Korea, and Yemen can not apply for Vanuatu Citizenship, except if they have permanent residents of other countries or lived in other countries for more than five years.
  • Applicants must have to submit valid proof for of funds $250,000 at least
Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program: Process
  1. Apply for pre-approval:

The applicant has to submit the current copy of a certified passport, the second type of identity proof like a driving license, certificate of police clearance (representing that you don’t have any criminal record),  and personal profile.

Your agent will help you in managing all these documents. A fee of EUR5,000 is payable as a due diligence fee when you are submitting the document (bitcoin is acceptable).

  1. Get pre-approval and make an investment.

Within ten days of the pre-application process, an applicant can get the certified confirmation from the Vanuatu government Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) for further proceeding. After receiving the pre-approval, make a complete payment and do further documentation work.

  1. Submit for screening

The Vanuatu Citizen Commission will analyze your application for Citizenship to watch that Financial Intelligence Unit approves your application (FIU) and watch that all specified documentation has been received. Applicants are guided through this to guarantee that the documents submitted at this stage are completed and have no mistakes.

  1. Prime Minister Confirmation

The Citizenship Commission provides information to the Prime Minister who, as a convention, will affirm your Citizenship with the President who gives authentication by signing your Citizenship Certificate.

  1. Take Oath while receiving the citizen certificate.

The last step of getting Citizenship is taking the Oath. Oath is necessary from the Vanuatu Government’s Commissioner of Oath. In this Oath, the applicant pledges allegiance to Vanuatu and consequently becomes a full resident of Vanuatu with having all the Vanuatu citizenship rights. In this stage, you get a Certificate of Vanuatu’s Citizenship and a Vanuatu passport.

Amendments in Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program

On 27th March 2020, Vanuatu’s Government has made the few most important amendments to the Citizenship by investment program. These amendments in CIP are as following:

  • Government of Vanuatu increases the fee of Due diligence from $2000 to $5000.
  • FIU processing times also increase from 48h to 96h.
  • Tighter investigation of applications made by the third party due to diligence agencies
Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program: Benefits
  1. Is safe program because of pre-approval

Before investing the amount, applicants receive a pre-approval confirmation certificate.

  1. Worldwide travel without a visa

Vanuatu Citizenship is providing visa-free travel to over 129 countries.

  1. Confidential application process

The process of Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program is completely confidential.

  1. No tax burden

Vanuatu is not imposing a tax on personal income, wealth, inheritance, or gifts.

  1. Security for the entire family

Vanuatu is one of the safest nations to come back during a time of economic instability.

  1. The Whole family is eligible for Citizenship

The main applicant can apply for Citizenship with the whole family, including spouse, children, and parents.

  1. No residency requirements

No need to live or visit Vanuatu for Vanuatu Citizenship by investment program


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