What is Turkey citizenship by investment program?

Mar 31, 2021Immigration Law

Omur Boyu Ehliyet Donemi Sona Erdi

A few years back Turkey announced the Turkish Citizenship by Investment program. This allows the buyer to retain the citizenship by investing a little USD 250,000. Turkey citizenship is one of the affordable and great initiatives for the world.

After announcing the program Turkey investment visa has seen huge hype as people from across the world. The program has increased the investment and buyers are willing to spend more on real estate, and other profitable ventures.

Turkish Citizenship by investment Process explained in few steps

1. Apply for Turkish Tax registration number by submitting original passport and photos to the Tax office.

2. After getting the Tax registration number open a bank account in Turkey. The bank account opening will require a list of documents.

3. Look for a property with a minimum net worth of USD 250,000. The property can be anything a home, multiple shops, apartments, or more.

4. The property payment should be done through bank transfer and the individual must have a receipt for the same. The title of the property, deed, registry, or sales contract should be annotated to the state and it won’t be sold in the next three years.

5. After three years, the individual is eligible for selling their possessions in Turkey.

6. Get the certificate of conformity by submitting the receipt of the bank transfer to the Ministry of Environment.

7. Apply for Turkish residency at Directorate General of Migration Management and submit all the necessary documents.

8. Apply for Turkish citizenship by investment program after receiving the Turkish residency.


Some Documents required

● Birth Certificate.

● Marriage certificate/ Divorce certificate/ Death Certificate.

● Biometric Photos.

● Copy of Original Passport.

● Proof of Address/ Certificate of Address.

● Power of Attorney.


Every certificate should be stamped and annotated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.