Work and Residence Permit


Permit for Work and Residency

A work permit and a residence permit are two types of permits required for a citizen to stay or live in another country for a short or long period of time. Foreign nationals entering Turkey, for example, will be able to stay for 90 days without obtaining a residence/work permit. Our Work and Residence Permit Attorney and Consultancy service is a type of service that people can use to get information and assistance on this topic.

Visitors to Turkey who intend to stay for more than 90 days must obtain a residence permit based on the purpose of their visit. The date of application for the residence permit is considered the Applicant's start date in Turkey. In other words, the date on which foreign nationals apply for a residence or work permit, rather than the date on which they enter the country, is determined by this context.

Obtaining Residence Permit

Within the scope of our investigation, we have clarified the first situation.Attorney for Work and Residence Permits and Attorney for Work and Residence Permits in Istanbul for those who will obtain  The residence permit type is a residence/work permit. The law regulates and includes six different types of residence. The following are some examples.

  • Short Term Residence Permit
  • Family Residence Permit
  • Student Residence Permit
  • Long Term Residence Permit
  • Humane Residence Permit
  • Human Trafficking Victim Residence Permit

All of the above residence permits have one thing in common: they provide a legal basis for foreigners to settle in Turkey. As stated in the scope of the document, in order to obtain these permits, Work and Residence Permit Attorney Persons must make requests for consulting services. The period for announcing the permit application result based on the documents and conditions requested within the scope of the above-mentioned residence types is 90 days.

In general, it is necessary to apply to the consulate of the country of residence in order to obtain a residence permit. However, it is also possible to state that applications for governorships are possible in some cases. In this case, victims of migrant smuggling may be granted a residence permit, a student residence permit, or a long-term residence permit. In the context of our Work and Residence Permit Attorney consultancy service, you will be provided with detailed information about this situation.

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Types of Residence Permits
  • Short-Term Residence Permit: The most frequently requested residence permit is the short-term residence permit, with which we deal as part of our Work and Residence Permit Attorney and Istanbul Work and Residence Permit Attorney services.  The reasons of stay in this type of residence are as follows:
  • Scientific research
  • Owning an immovable property in Turkey
  • Business connection or establishing business
  • Participating in in-service training
  • Studying within the framework of internship exchange programs
  • Touristic stay
  • Treatment
  • Request of administrative authorities
  • Decision of judicial authority
  • Long-Term Residence Permit: Individuals who have held a residence permit for at least 8 years in a row can apply for a long-term residence permit.
  • Family Residence Permit: This is a permit that can be obtained by those who wish to remain in the country due to the status of their child or spouse.
  • Student residence permit: It is the type of permit students can obtain.
Documents Required to Apply for a Residence Permit

Residence permit application documents vary in the context of the residence types given above. Detailed information about residence types will be mentioned in the rest of the text. However, some of the residence permit documents prepared in accordance with the types of residence are as follows.

  • Documents Required for Short Term Residence Permit
  • Application form (Application form must be signed by the legal and/or foreign representative.
  • Both the original and a photocopy of the passport or the identification document
  • Biometric photo (four)
  • A statement showing that they have both sufficient and regular financial means for the period of stay in the country
  • Valid health insurance (The duration of the health insurance must cover the duration of the desired residence permit.)
  • Information about the place where the applicant will be staying (Within the scope of the Work and Residence Permit Attorney consultancy service we have provided, it is possible to clarify this as follows; if the applicant is living in a rented property, a notarized copy of the lease agreement, if he is staying at the hotel, proof documentation, if he is staying in the student dormitories, a signed and sealed document to prove it.)
  • If the person is married, the document showing that the person is married, especially the marriage certificate
  • Family Residence Permit

Those who apply for a family residence permit must obtain a family residence permit. Some of the details we can provide regarding the application documents within the scope of our Work and Residence Permit Attorney and Istanbul Work and Residence Permit Attorney consultancy service are as follows.

  • Residence declaration form,
  • Biometric passport photo (four)
  • Passport
  • Passport photocopy (photocopy does not include the entire passport, but includes the page with the picture, the page showing the last entry and the expire date page)

Supportive documents required:

  • Certified and signed document showing that they have sufficient and regular financial means during the period of stay in the country,
  • If the spouse is a Turkish citizen, the original or a photocopy of the identity card; if foreigner photocopy of Passport or permit,
  • Original and photocopy of residence/work permit, blue card certificate if foreigner, identity card for refugee or subsidiary protection status holder
  • Certified, e-signed/signed document indicating sufficient and regular financial means during the stay
  • General health insurance, covering all family members,
  • Criminal record
  • Document showing the registration to declare that it is registered with the Address Registration System

Are the documents that we deem necessary in the context of our Work and Residence Permit Attorney and our consultancy service.

  • Student Residence Permit

The documents required for a student residence permit are as follows.

  • Residence declaration form
  • Biometric photo (4)
  • Passport
  • Photocopy of the passport provided that you take the page with the picture, the page showing the last entry, the page showing the expire date,
  • A statement to show that there are regular and sufficient financial means for the period of stay in the country,
  • Health insurance, whose validity covers the period of stay in the country,
  • A student certificate to show that students’ rights are actively used

Such documents are the documents that we inform in the context of the Work and Residence Permit Attorney and the consultancy service we have provided.

Residence permit application is the type of application in which foreign nationals declare that they want to stay in our country for various reasons. This type of application must be made within 30 days of entering the country. The period of approval for a residence permit is up to 90 days. In this context, the types of residence permits that are possible for people who apply for a residence permit are as follows.

Work Permit

As defined within the context of our Work and Residence Permit Attorney services, work permit is; the name given to a document issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security for people who want to work anywhere in Turkey and with any employer to fulfill these requests.

Work Permit Application

Foreign nationals, who have entered our country with an intention to work, are required to obtain a permit pursuant to the Law No. 4817 on Work Permits for Foreigners. The work permits valid for Turkey are issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security.

It is possible for individuals who seek services in the context of Work and Residence Permit Attorney and Istanbul to do so. Work and Residence Permit Attorney and consultancy can benefit from the attorney consultancy services we offer. The main reason for our services is that residence permits and the documents required for these permits are quite different from one another. The necessary documents must be perfectly prepared in order for the residence response status, which has a legal period of 90 days, to be moved to an earlier time and clarified as soon as possible. Furthermore, in some cases, supporting documents should be kept in addition to the required documents.What these documents cover and how they should be prepared are only clear in the context of the Work and Residence Permit Attorney and consultancy service we will provide. As a result, hiring a professional consultant is more important than you might think.

It is possible to provide consultancy and attorney support in the context of our services for both long-term residence permits, short-term residence permits, student residence permits, and family residence permits.


1.Legal Basis

In accordance with the Foreigners and International Protection Law No. 6458, a Residence Permit certificate is issued to foreigners who request it, if appropriate conditions are met.

2.General Information

During the visa period, a foreigner may be legally present in Turkey. A foreigner who wishes to remain in Turkey after the expiration of his or her visa must, however, apply for a residence permit and provide a valid reason.

After the visa period expires, a foreigner with a residence permit has the legal right to remain in Turkey.

It is important to note that the foreigner must be present in Turkey from the date of application to the date of approval of the residence permit. Because if a foreigner leaves the country during this time, his or her residence permit will be revoked.

For foreigners to have residence permits;;

They have

-To submit information and documents related to the purpose of stay,

-To declare a fixed address where they will stay in Turkey,

-To have a valid passport,

To present a criminal record if requested.

Attorneys use the power of attorney to apply for residence primarily through the online system. The request documents are then prepared according to the type of residence permit and submitted to the Provincial Immigration Authorities, along with the necessary applications. The Provincial Immigration Authorities evaluate applications and submitted documents before issuing a residence permit.


2.1.Required Documents

The documents required vary depending on the type of residence permit. All of the documents required for a residence permit are organized by lawyers. However, after reviewing the application, the Provincial Immigration Authorities may request a supporting document.

But mandatory common documents for all types of residence permits are as follows;

-Power of Attorney,

-Valid Passport or passport substitute,

-Biometric Photo,

-Health Insurance,

-Fixed address proof in Turkey,

– Visa and/or passport stamps indicating entry and exit to Turkey.

If the document to be submitted is issued abroad; it must be approved by the Turkish Consulate in the country of origin or Apostilled by the relevant authorities.

If the document to be submitted is issued in Turkey, it must be notarized.


2.2.Power of Attorney

Attorneys with power of attorney represent the Foreigner throughout the application process. Attorneys prepare Power of Attorney drafts on a regular basis. This power of attorney must be in one of the three forms listed below. Can be issued by local notaries located within the Republic of Turkey's borders. After the approval of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is obtained from the local notary offices of the country in which you are located, an apostille can be attached. Can be obtained from the Turkish Consulate in your country with the assistance of a sworn translator. Attorneys arrange for a sworn translator and a consular appointment for clients seeking power of attorney through the Turkish Consulate. Clients can then go to the consulate on the scheduled day and time to complete their transactions.


2.3.Health Insurance

A residence permit requires health insurance, and applications for a residence permit require an insurance policy.

This health insurance must cover the entire period of the residence permit application and include the phrases required for the residence permit.

Attorneys oversee the health insurance process.


2.4.Costs and Fees

Costs and fees are calculated and paid separately for each application for a residence permit based on the type of residence permit, nationality, and visa type.

Documents pertaining to payment and payment of these costs and fees must be submitted in full to the Provincial Immigration Authorities at the time of application.

Attorneys pay the costs and fees, which are then recorded in the residence permit file.


3.Short Term Residence Permit

Foreigners in Turkey with a visa exemption can apply for a short-term residence permit to stay in Turkey after their exemption period expires. A short-term residence permit is typically granted for one year. The duration of the residence permit is then extended with the application for an extension. Individuals who own immovable property in Turkey are eligible to apply for a short-term residence permit in Turkey. Individuals visiting Turkey for leisure purposes, Individuals in Turkey for educational purposes, Individuals in Turkey for scientific purposes,Cyprus's northwestern region Foreigners and Turkish citizens will be treated. Individuals who plan to take Turkish language classes Individuals who will invest in Turkey in the scope and amount determined by the Council of Ministers Individuals who will participate in public-sector training, internships, and courses Individuals who will participate in in-service training programs; and Foreigners who have been granted permission to remain in Turkey by a judicial or administrative decision.


3.1. Most Preferred Types of Short-Term Residence Permits 

3.1.1. Residence Permit For Tourism Purposes

Foreigners visiting Turkey for tourist purposes are issued this type of residence permit. A foreign person with a tourism residence permit will stay in Turkey with a residence permit by declaring that he is in Turkey for tourism purposes and submitting the necessary documents. The foreign person is required to submit where they will stay in Turkey, contact information, and other similar information with this type of residence permit.


3.1.2.Residence Permit Through Immovable Property

A foreigner who purchases real estate within the Republic of Turkey's borders may apply for a residence permit through this real estate. With acquired Real Estate, a foreigner can apply for a residence permit. Immovable property acquired must be used as a residence. Land, plots, and similar properties are not eligible for a residence permit application. Family members (applicant's spouse, minor child) may apply for a residence permit by purchasing real estate with common or shared property. The entire acquisition of real estate can be carried out by attorneys using a power of attorney if requested.If a real estate acquisition by attorneys with powers of attorney is requested, all citizens of the 183 countries approved by the Presidency will acquire immovable property within the Republic of Turkey's borders. There is no published comprehensive list of countries that can acquire real estate. However, if you intend to purchase property, we may contact the relevant Land Registry Directorates. After the foreigner has decided on the property to purchase, the current title is shared with the Attorney. The title is then checked by lawyers, and any cautionary remarks or records on the title are investigated.Contracts to be signed in the process of real estate acquisition are examined by Attorneys, and all legal rights of the Foreigner are protected. The value of the real estate must be determined by a Capital Market Board-approved real estate valuation institution, and a valuation report must be prepared. The valuation report prepared by the real estate valuation institution must be submitted to the Land Registry Office prior to the sale transaction in all transactions for the sale of real estate to foreigners. Lawyers organize the Real Estate Valuation Institution, and a Valuation Report is prepared. Finally, Attorneys arrange for the payment of real estate and the transfer of title deed.


3.1.3. Residence Permit for Commercial Business or Connection

Foreigners who intend to establish a business or a commercial connection in Turkey may apply for a residence permit. According to the Turkish Commercial Code, foreigners can apply for a residence permit in Turkey by forming a company or contacting a company or person. If the formation of a company by Attorneys with a power of attorney is requested, the company's establishment operations are initiated after determining the company's area of activity, title, Director, type, and Center. The request for the establishment of the company is then recorded with the application made on behalf of the foreigner to the Central Registration System. The necessary documents are submitted to the relevant Trade Registry Office with the appointment of the lawyers, the necessary payments for the establishment of the company are made, and the article of incorporation is signed on behalf of the foreign person. The company's formation is announced in the Trade Registry Gazette. The documents belonging to the company are collected by the attorneys following the completion of the company's establishment. A signature circular is delivered to the company's accountant. Following the approval of a residence permit for commercial work or connection, the foreigner must apply for a work permit within the time frame specified by law. We should emphasize that a foreigner's residence permit does not entitle them to a work permit. A foreigner with a valid residence permit must also apply for a work permit in order to work legally in Turkey.


4.Family Resident Permit

A Family Resident Permit application will be made for the foreign spouse, his/her spouse's non-adult child, his/her partner's dependent child, refugees, subsidiary protection owners, and foreigners who hold a specific residence permit. A Turkish citizen referred to on the family residence permit application or a foreigner legally present in Turkey is identified as supportive, and information about the supportive person is also provided during the application. Family residence permit conditions; It specifies the conditions that must be met by the person requesting a family residence permit (finding income, locating a specific address, submitting a criminal record, and so on) (providing the necessary information and documents, cohabitation with the supportive person, and similar conditions). Attorneys with power of attorney handle the entire family residence permit application process.


5.Long Term Residence Permit

Foreigners who have lived in Turkey for at least 8 years continuously or who meet the ministry's requirements can apply for a long-term residence permit. Long-Term Residence Permit Requirements: Must have lived in Turkey for at least 8 years without interruption, must have a sufficient income, must have valid health insurance, must not have received social assistance in the previous three years, and must not endanger public order and safety.In accordance with the relevant legislation, a special calculation method is used for the condition of residence in Turkey for at least 8 years without interruption. Furthermore, a long-term residence permit is granted indefinitely and provides many more rights and accomplishments than a short-term residence permit.


 6.Reasons for Residence Permit Refusal and Cancellation

The Provincial Directorate of Migration Administration will reject your application for a residence permit if any of the following conditions are met: Incomplete or late submission of requested documents, False or fraudulent documents or information have been submitted. Failure or subsequent disappearance of one or more of the desired conditions Failure to pay debts and penalties, In the absence of a valid passport or a passport replacement document, In the absence of valid health insurance covering the duration of the stay, The presence of disease that will endanger public health Failure to provide information about where he or she will stay in Turkey. Housing requirements that meet general health and safety standards are lacking. Failure to comply with a request for a criminal record document, Determination that the residence permit is being used for purposes other than those intended, The decision is communicated to the foreigner or the attorney in question. The following legal processes are then initiated in response to the relevant decision: filing a lawsuit in administrative courts within 60 days of notification or leaving the country within 10 days of notification.



Legal Consultation

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